LANIS - Lanolin Anhydrous

Adeps lanae anhydricus, lanolin


Lanolin is a natural, waxy substance derived from crude wool wax (also often referred to as wool grease or wool fat). It's obtained from the liquids resulting from scouring sheep wool.


The wax is separated from the liquid using high speed centrifugation. It's then processed and refined in various stages, including:

  • reducing free fatty acids, soap and water content
  • eliminating contaminants
  • deodorising and bleaching.

These steps can be modified to achieve different grades of product purity.



Product specifications 

LANIS Lanolin anhydrous: composition, characteristics and applications
LANIS EP - Lanolin Anhydrous EP
LANIS EP 97 - Lanolin Anhydrous EP 97
LANIS USP - Lanolin Anhydrous USP
LANIS CG - Lanolin Anhydrous Cosmetic Grade