LANIS Lanolin Alcohol

Wool wax alcohol, wool alcohol


Lanolin alcohols are the most powerful surface-active natural components of wool wax products. They make up around 50% of the total weight of lanolin anhydrous, in which they are chemically bound in ester compounds.


The alcohol fraction is obtained by using an alkaline treatment on the lanolin and then removing the released soaps. It is refined further via a multi-stage molecular distillation process, which improves colour and odour. This produces a purified, semi-crystalline and practically colourless wax.



Product specifications


In addition to the following products, the refining process for lanolin alcohol can be customised to meet the requirements of different pharmacopoeias around the world.

LANIS Lanolin alcohol: composition, characteristics and applications
LANIS AL EP PLUS - Lanolin Alcohol EP Plus
LANIS AL GTP - Lanolin Alcohol Cosmetic Grade
Lanolin Alcohol Ointment (DAB 10)