Wool Grease

Crude wool grease, raw wool wax, neutral wool fat


Wool grease is secreted by the sebaceous glands in sheep skin, making it a naturally occurring substance from a renewable source. Its prime function is to coat and soften the wool fibres, protecting both skin and fleece against exposure to the elements.


Wool grease is referred to as neutral wool grease, centrifuged wool grease, crude wool grease, (crude) wool wax, (crude) wool fat, lanolin industrial. While chemically a wax, the term "wool grease" is most commonly used, which is why it has been chosen for this website, too.


It's recovered from the liquids resulting from scouring sheep wool. Firstly, heavy impurities such as sand and dirt are removed by gravity settlement. 


The wax is then obtained using either centrifugal separation or solvent extraction. The crude product is a dark, highly viscous paste with a distinct sheep-like odour.



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Neutral wool grease: composition, applications and products